Home on the Water? Making Your Marine Construction More Reliable

If you are enjoying having a home in the Georgian Bay, you may know that your home may need special protection, depending on its location against the waterfront. Even though the water is beautiful, it can quickly erode areas of the shoreline, leaving your home at risk for flooding and other potential damage.

Marine Construction in Collingwood

There are a few ways you can maximize marine construction with your waterfront home to ensure that you have a durable shoreline and one that you will enjoy for many years to come.

  1. Building Stone – One important thing you’ll want to do is determine the ideal type of building stone to use to address erosion problems at the waterfront. Rather than laying pea gravel or another smaller aggregate, you may want to use armour stone or river rock to enhance your property line.
  2. Retaining Wall – Another way you may wish to address erosion and drainage concerns is with the addition of a retaining wall. A marine construction specialist can design and build a retaining wall that looks great and offers years of protection.
  3. Shoreline Protection – Depending on the current level of erosion and the active steps you have already taken, there may be additional options for shoreline protection that you can apply. Adding these features sooner rather than later will help preserve your beautiful waterfront for years to come.

At C2C Contracting, we specialize in marine construction and are equipped to provide the design and build solutions you need. Whether you are building a home on the Georgian Bay waterfront or completing shoreline improvements for longevity, our expertise offers many advantages. Contact us today to learn more.